Planning the administration of your money is a premise that you should consider subscribing to an online casino. The most important thing is to plan not only to imagine it but in a real way. Before betting, we will give you some tips that you should consider as basic to prepare your finances.

Are you playing a win or lose the game?

The goal is to have a great time when traveling to the casino, for this reason developing a management plan, is the first thing I do. You design the strategies not to lose all the money before you stop playing; the condition is the basis of the planning. How can we do? I propose two moments to do it:

Choosing the game in which you are going to bet must be the first thing to do. Sports bets are made under the management of a bank, which is very different from money management for slot machines. Time is another element to consider for planning the resources to invest, for example, you should pay close attention to the desirable games such as poker, blackjack, sports betting and some video poker games.

Consider the variants when playing a casino game, as discussed below. The fluctuations or variations are those that refer to the volatility of the games as long as you lose or win. These natural fluctuations are unavoidable; therefore the strength of your bankroll must be robust enough to support them.

If you take into account these tips, your trip will be very easy and direct in terms of managing your money. In this sense, take enough to manage your bankroll and make sure you have access to the rest of the money. Make sure it is not the biggest initial swing.

In conclusion, if you go to Las Vegas, how much money should you bring?

Actually, this answer is unknown to any player, due to the number of variations that exist when playing. What games will you choose to play? What is the average return? Are you a skillful player in that game? How comfortable will you feel with the money you lose? Once these questions are answered, you will know how much you can influence the scope of your account. Below are the calculations made to the bankroll for my last trip to Las Vegas, with which I determined the number of bets I had to use.

A case study in money management

I planned to watch about 300 hands per hour of 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker since it was the game I had chosen. In four days he would play six hours a day. All this was established in my strategy card.

The strategy I use is always to bet the maximum on the quarter machines, and the return I expect is 99% because each turn is $1.25.

At this moment, the calculations begin, by hour they are 300 hands and considering that the hand survey $1.25, I will bet approximately $375 per hour. At the end of 6 hours, I would get $9000 through the machines, in four days.

Many players make the mistake of multiplying the expected return (99.5%) by the total of bets ($9,000), to get the expected losses.

The mathematical forecasts led me to calculate a loss of $45 in the long term, but they were more than I had planned. What should I do then?

When doing the budget I did it 10 times. In Las Vegas, I was stipulated to lose a limit of $125 daily, but I was prepared to lose up to $500. Keeping this planning, I will always have money for bets during the trip. In case you find a new game and want to try it, I have a little more money with me just in case.

Slots are one of the games that can generate greater losses, so keep your limits of daily perfidious when you are playing this game. To keep the bankroll under control during the trip, remember to play based on the daily limits you set in the planning card of your planning.

How to reduce your expected loss per hour

Within money management, you should evaluate the expected losses per hour, and these can be reduced in the following two ways:

  1. Per hour each makes fewer bets.
  2. Perform each game better.

Taking more time between turns is a good alternative if you are playing video poker or slots. There is no rush, and negative expectations hover over this game. On average you will lose less money by taking fewer turns. Likewise, your bets may be less on each play. Also, I recommend that instead of using the one-room machine, you can use a nickel machine, and play Jacks or Better, for example.

The skill as we mentioned before is one of the considerations that must be taken into account when playing, regardless of the game you have selected. For most of the games that exist in the casino, there are many strategies, except for slot machines, so we emphasize the importance of choosing the game you will bet and also add the selected machines in the planning card.


Using a money management strategy for your casino trips is a tool that will help you have fun as much as possible. By understanding how much you expect to lose on average and making sure you have enough to handle the ups and downs, you have the best chance to have a good time.

The important thing is that you have the certainty, that the strategy used will allow you to make the necessary calculations to optimize the profits and therefore the investment. Experience makes a difference! and planning to be part of our daily life helps us to organize ourselves in time and activities much better.

Traveling, playing and having fun in a safe way is also part of the planning because the idea is that the sensation of visiting Las Vegas and its casinos is celebrated.

Microgaming Slot Machines – 5 Reel Bonus Casino Games

The most played casino game worldwide is the slot machine. This can be encountered both in land-based casinos as well as online. Online slot machines can be found in classic 3-reel or 5-reel slots and the more recent 5-reel video slots. There are also fruit machines and progressive slots. Microgaming is the ultimate software provider in the online gambling sector. It has released over 100 new video slot machines in the last five years. Each 5-reel slot has its theme. These themes range from money and banking to the supernatural. This article will cover 6 of the latest 5-reel video slots, including Big Break and Boogie Monsters, Break da Bank Again and Chocolate Factory, Curry in a Hurry, and Dog Father.

Big Break is a video slot with five reels and 15 pay lines that features a vacation theme. It was launched in February 2008. Big Break takes coins from $0.01 up to $0.50. The maximum digit of cash you can wager per spin is 150. If you win the Surf’s Up bonus, the top jackpot is 7,500 coins.

Boogie Monsters, a 5-reel and 40-payline tape slot with a 1970’s theme, have 20 “pay lines.” It was founded in October 2007. Boogie Monsters accepts coins varying from $0.01 up to $0.50. The maximum number of banknotes you can wager per spin is 400. You can wager $0.01 to $200 per spin. Ultimate jackpot: 24,000 coins

Break da Bank Again, a video slot machine with five reels and nine pay lines is the original Breaking da Bank. Its theme revolves around money and banking. Break da Bank Again takes coins from $0.01 up to $0.25. The jackpot amount is generously 75,000 coins. The maximum number of currencies you can wager per spin is 90.

Chocolate Factory is a video slot that features a chocolate theme and has a five-reel, nine pay-line feature. You are invited to study a world full of delicious chocolate treats. Chocolate Factory accepts coins ranging from $0.05 to $2.00. The maximum digit of coins you can wager per spin is 45. Top jackpot: 8,000 coins

Curry in a Hurry, a 5-reel and 25-payline video slot with a comic Indian restaurant theme, has 25 pay lines. It was launched in November 2007. It features a colorful illustration featuring an Indian waiter and hot curry food. Curry in a Hurry abides coins from $0.01 up to $0.50. The maximum numeral of coins you can wager per swirl is 500. Maximum jackpot: 9,000 coins (or $4,500).

The doggie underworld is your home! Dog Father is a video slot with five reels and 20 pay lines about a bulldog who enjoys flashy lifestyles and expensive cigars. You will find characters such as Itchy da Flea at Dog Father, who activates your Free Spins Bonus feature. You could win $97,500 if you play your slots at Dog Father.

Here are six newer Microgaming 5-reel bonus slot machines. You can play online classic 3-reel slot machines or at a casino in a land-based setting, but you should set a spending limit before playing. Your casino experience will be better if you only gamble with what you can afford.

Taming the Online Casino Beast: Money Management Masterclass

In the wild west of the digital realm, there’s an ever-evolving creature: online casinos. They’re exciting, unpredictable, and offer a rollercoaster of emotions. But to ride that rollercoaster without plunging into a chasm, you’ve got to strategize. It’s not just about the thrill; it’s about the wisdom of playing the game.

Understanding the Whims of Casino Dynamics

Online or offline, every casino game sings its own tune. Ever heard of the house edge? No, it’s not the latest reality show. It’s the ghost in the machine, the mathematical specter that gives casinos their edge. For the uninitiated, Blackjack might seem like a straightforward game. But play without strategy, and you’ll be swept away by that edge. Slots, on the other hand, are wild creatures – unpredictable and mesmerizing.

Say you’re facing a slot with a 95% RTP. Sounds great, right? But in the shadows lurks the 5% house edge. For every dazzling jackpot and shimmering coin, remember: over time, the house takes its cut.

Money: Your Armor and Weapon

Here’s a secret from the veterans: limitations empower. Set fierce boundaries for your spending. Daily, weekly, monthly – carve out a gambling budget as if you’re sculpting a masterpiece. And that gambling money? Keep it locked away, far from your everyday funds. Temptation is a sly creature; don’t let it lure you into financial folly.

Dancing with Bonuses and the VIPs

Ah, the allure of online bonuses! They’re like siren songs, drawing players to the rocky shores of terms and conditions. But with careful navigation, they can be a windfall. Dive deep into the fine print, and sail through the casino seas with savvy.

Then there’s the elite circle – the VIP programs. Step inside, and you’ll find a treasure trove of points, freebies, and privileges. But remember, loyalty in the casino world is a two-way street.

The Art of Graceful Exit

Sometimes, the bravest thing? Knowing when the curtain should fall. Chasing losses is like trying to catch smoke with bare hands. When the universe signals, heed its call, step back, recharge, and return as a phoenix.

Microgaming: The Slot Maestro

In the orchestra of online slots, Microgaming is the virtuoso conductor. With themes as varied as the colors of the rainbow – from debonair dogs to spicy curries – they’ve crafted masterpieces. Their 5-reel symphonies transport players to realms unseen and unimagined.

Their genius lies not just in storytelling but in the auditory and visual feasts they present. If you’re venturing into their vibrant valleys, arm yourself with the financial wisdom shared above.

The Closing Act

The siren call of online casinos is potent, promising riches and revelry. Yet, like any epic tale, there’s a hero and a strategy. Merge the thrill with astute money management, and you’ll have a saga worth recounting. Remember, in the game of casinos, sometimes the greatest victory is in playing it smart.